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Phone number: +48 22 114 7777
Phone number (backup line): +48 22 101 79 84

Do you need answers? Take a look at the FAQ:

  • Will I loose my data?

    ​We will never erase your data for any purpose but we cannot take the responsebilty for its safety. So please make a backup before sending device to us.

    If you are sending the iOS device, please make an iCloud backup, turn off the Find My iPhone service and restore the device to factory settings.

  • My device is out of warranty but I would like to have it repaired with quality program

    If the unit will be qualified for the quality program it will be repaired for free. If we will find any other defects we will let you know and provide you the quote for the repair. We never repair anything without your approval. Don’t worry!

  • I already sent the device to you, but I forgot about something...

    ​Don’t worry. Just get in touch with responsible agent using Reply option in your mailbox. If you reply, your message will be delivered directly to responsible agent to support you better.

  • How I can check the current status of my repair?

    ​You can’t. Why? Because it is our job to deliver you the latest info about your repair. And we do so. If you’ll need an update just write to responsible agent using Reply option (You will get e-mail notifications).